3 highest paid graduate jobs in IT

Every year, hundreds of technology graduates enter the employment market. Some of them will find work quickly; whereas, other will take some time to find work. The demand for tech graduates is very high. Their job is frequently available with high salaries. Theirs skills are very demanding. Employers always face shortages of tech talents. Technology is a very complex world. It is not easy to decide which one is the best career path to follow. Here are the 3 highest paid graduate jobs in IT.

IT Project Managers


The role of an IT project manager is to plan, budget and document every aspects of a project. They work closely with the upper management. They are responsible for making sure that the scope and direction of each project matches with the plan. You need to have a bachelor or masters degree in IT. A project management professional (PMP) certificate will be an added advantage. In order to be a Project Manager, you need to have leadership and analytical skills. You should be good at time management and budgeting.

Data Scientists


With the volume of data growing at an infinite rate, the demand of Data Scientist is on the peak now. Data Scientist pulls data from MySQL databases, produces basic data visualizations, analyzes data, etc. Data Scientists should have a software engineering degree. You need to good in statistics if you want to be a Data Scientist. You should be familiar with the softwares SQL, Python, etc. You should know calculus and linear algebra.

Software Engineers


They are responsible for the whole life cycle of a software product, from research and design to implementation and support. Their responsibilities include investigating current applications, producing specifications, producing specifications, writing new software and operating manual, testing the product, training uses and taking care of support. You must have a degree in relevant field, such as, computer science, software engineering, mathematics, etc. Having knowledge on programming will increase the chance of getting a job.

The technology sector is always changing. In the next decade the jobs may transform. The most important thing is to choose a career that inspires you.

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