SubintSoc is a blog about computer and software. Founded in 2003, we created this blog to be a one stop solution for anyone interested in computer and software. This blog is for everyone, from casual learners to the professionals.

A few talented programmers and computer experts are responsible for the contents of this blog. They are very experienced and educated. They share their experiences here with the readers, hoping that the readers will benefit from it. There are articles on various kinds of software, buying guide for laptops and computers, product reviews, data backup solutions, data recovery, security, and many more. You will also learn about the best colleges to learn Computer Science and how much it costs; the most demanding jobs in the IT sector, launch of new product, software events around the world, etc.

We have option for guest posts. If you want to share your views on something related to IT, then you can write to us. There is a forum where you can connect with thousands of readers across the world and discuss about things related to IT. We also have a webiner to answer your questions instantly. So, read our blog and get deeper into the world of computers.

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