Should you pay to study Computer Science in college?

The common assumption is that in order to have a career in the tech industry, you need to have a Computer Science degree. However, people without a Computer Science degree has also made it to the top of the industry. Mark Zuckerberg, for example, was a dropout student from Harvard. Bill Gates is also a Harvard dropout.

It is expensive to get a Computer Science degree. After earning the degree, you could be in huge debt because of your college education. Still many of you won’t know many things about computers or software coding. You need to depend on online or other sources of learning, like a short course on a specific field of IT. Many people don’t get any job after graduation. So, the money you spend on taking a degree in Computer Science is not worth it.

There are people who support studying Computer Science. They believe that people who come up with innovative products need a degree in Computer Science. If you have a deep understanding of computer science, you can become a good programmer. Today, more technology enthusiasts are creating fantastic things without a degree in Computer Science. But when it comes to fixing a database or any other troubleshooting, the theoretical knowledge is required to solve the problem.

On average, it costs $10,000 to earn a four-year degree in Computer Science. For this reason, many students now prefer alternative study options such as online courses and boot camps. These courses can get you good jobs. Ultimately, the choice is yours. Both having a Computer Science degree and not having one have benefits and drawbacks. Choose the option that fits you best.


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